What is your data worth?

Data loss can be very costly, particularly for small and medium sized businesses (SMB)
where the difference between survival and closure can rest on the ability to recover from a
disaster. Critical data loss will have a financial impact on companies of all sizes.

What will it cost to ensure my data?

Next to nothing – compared to the expences trying recovering your data without a valid backup.
Your hosting company will probably say they have you covered, and that might be true, but please take a look at your hosting companys backup and recovery policy, before launching a new website.

My hosting company has a backup

Sure – no problem, your’re safe. Under certain curcumstances it is a very good idea to have an extra backup:

  • if your website is your main business or marketing channel.
  • if your hosting company goes bankrupt.
  • if you need a longer retention period than your hosting company can provide.
  • if you need more frequent backups than your hosting company can provide.
  • if your webdeveloper breaks you website.
  • if your website gets hacked
  • if your website gets infected by malware

You might never need it, but history tells a different story. There will come a time when an offline backup and a speedy recovery will come handy, and it will cost you next to nothing. See our prices and highlighted features for WordPress backups below.

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