HR Integration creates consistency

Integration with Talent Manager creates consistency

Danish Red Cross wanted to integrate Talent Manager with their Active Directory. Coder1 Software and Danish Red Cross made a design where replication of data is completely automated.

Changes to the data of the staff of Danish Red Cross is now replicated to Active Directory, fully automated, so that there is complete consistency between staff employed and user accounts at any given time.

Danish Red Cross also wanted to extract data related to the training needed for their staff. So that all personel are always up to date with the training needed. According to their organisational role, gaps in the training received is made visible.

The HR department don’t have to write e-mails to IT asking for user accounts to be created or deleted. They have now control of the basic on-boarding of new staff.

The integration solution from Coder1 has been extended to cover needs not present at the start of the project. The solution is flexible and extendable without much effort, reducing the cost of ownership.

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Photo is kindly borrowed from the press section of Danish Red Cross, taken by: Miriam Nielsen


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